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a place built for musicians by musicians
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Tonight's Show, April 14th will be cancelled due to weather. Please check our events page and facebook page for its new listing soon.

why musicians love this place

And why we think you'll love it too

sweet space

Music is our top priority. Yes you can get beer, wine, and food, but music comes first. 

Awesome sound

We've all played venues with bad sound. So we did something about that; live music with studio quality sound.

stellar team

Need help with any aspect of the music business? Do you want spectacular audio and video for a live album?

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So about that sweet space...

details on the venue

Where the pros go to record


Top of the Line Audio

We have tested our room with engineers, musicians, architects and they have all come back saying it's a winner (the best in it's class). We have created a venue for the best possible live concert performance. We record all shows with studio quality. Our studio is one of the finest in the country. Therefore, we could never settle for anything but the best live experience.

'We had such a great time playing this venue last weekend. They had the best stage sound that I've ever experienced. The room is intimate but there were people dancing. They've just nailed that list of intangible elements that make a night of music special. I'm sure that you'll be hearing more about this place in the near future as more artists will want to play such an inviting space. We'll be there again at the end of March and I can't wait.'

- Beave Sorensen of Leroy Townes Band